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Here are some details of the quality roofing services that you can expect to receive from Accurate Building Company when you hire us as your roofers Myrtle Beach.

Roofing Services

Without a roof, no structure is complete. You need a roofing system that can withstand anything that has been installed by roofers Myrtle Beach that you can trust. Including the unpredictable weather of Myrtle Beach, from the hottest days to the heaviest downpours, we’ve got you covered.

Get the professional help you need for your roof

If your roof is compromised, it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later by expert roofers Myrtle Beach. You need a skilled company that can offer the necessary assessments and provides real solutions. You need Accurate Building Company.

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To discover all of the benefits of relying on us as your roofers Myrtle Beach, get in touch today. A member of our talented team would be happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as set up a consultation with one of our roofing professionals.

Having a roof that is built to last a lifetime is just a phone call away–what are you waiting for?

We’ve earned ourselves a reliable reputation thanks to our exceptional results and skilled crew. Our team is built on a strong foundation that ably manages your project from start to finish!

Our services include a variety of skill sets:

Roof replacement

We’ll replace your roof promptly and professionally. When a roof’s foundation is faulty, it’s best to replace the entire thing. It saves money from continuous repairs and will provide better protection for your home.

  • A leak isn’t the only clue that you need a new roof. Make sure your property is always protected with help from Accurate Building Company. We’ve been the roofing company to call for myrtle beach roof replacement since 2009. Our experienced team utilizes years of roofing experience to successfully complete every part of your project
  • We’re committed to being your go-to for roof replacement in Myrtle beach. Our goal is your satisfaction. If you notice anything such as excessive granular loss. missing shingles, blisters or severe discoloration of your roof give us a call these are all signs that you may need a new roof on your home.
  • We take pride in offering high quality services you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction, from initial phone call to final nail. Get in touch with our skilled roofers Myrtle Beach team as soon as possible by calling 843-241-2840


Roof installation

Installed correctly and cleaning up as we go is always a number one priority. We’re experts when it comes to roof installation in Myrtle Beach and we can help you pin-point the exact roof you need for your projects.

  • Get a solid solution to your roofing needs Protect your property in any weather with roofing services from Accurate Building Company. We’re a locally owned and operated company that offers roofers Myrtle Beach services that are certified by CertainTeed and accredited with the Better Business Bureau. We work with all roofing materials, and we can help you choose the right type of shingles for your home. Schedule a consultation with Accurate Building Company today.
  • Which type of roof is best for you? There are plenty of options for your needs. We can manage your residential roofing project, whether you’re having your roof replaced on your existing home or if you’re building a new home, you can count on our reliable crew to complete your project in an efficient prompt manner. Call 843-241-2840 for a free estimate from one of our roofers Myrtle Beach.
  • Are you concerned about your home’s energy efficiency? Do you want to make sure your roof is fire resistant? These are things the roofing contractors at Accurate Building Company will help you narrow down your options by discussing your needs in-depth.


Roof waterproofing

We make sure your roofs are storm protected and will hold up when you need it most.


Asphalt roofing

Asphalt Shingle roofing strikes a good balance between cost, benefits, and variety.


Metal roofing

Metal roofing can offer you many advantages to the longevity to your home. from energy savings to overall life of the product. We can answer your questions.


Some of our other services include:

  • Structural wood framing – From small homes to large hotels our framing crews can complete your project. Our framing crews are knowledgeable and understand that when it comes to framing a structure quality and haste go hand in hand. Our crews understand how to interpret the structural engineering and can frame the building property without wasting lumber.
  • Fiber Cement Siding installation – Whether you are looking to remove your vinyl siding and spruce it up with a new James Hardie Fiber cement siding exterior or want to have a new home installed with Fiber cement siding we can handle the job. We install Color Plus fiber cement or Primed fiber cement.
  • Custom Home building – With over 20 years in the home building industry. Accurate Building Company can help you with the construction of the home of your dreams. We can help you get your home designed. Upon the completion of your plans and selection of your options we can give you a cost to build your dream home.

Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers!

There’s a lot of information to take into account for any construction projects. We’re here to help and answer any of your questions.

Here’s some frequently asked questions:

How soon can you start my project?

Our crew is prepared to begin working on your project as soon as we agree to the details and signed a contract this will ensure that we understand the expectations and agree to the details. Typically for some of our smaller projects we are trying to get started within 3-5 weeks depending on workflow and the overall scope of the project.


Where do the products come from that you need for my project?

All project requirements differ, but we strive to use local resources as much as possible. With years of experience in the industry, we have relationships with many quality manufacturers and businesses that allow us to pass on the savings to you.


What can I expect during the project?

After we discuss your ideas, we will work together to create a detailed contact and production schedule. At Accurate Building Company, we want to know your goals for the project, things that might concern you, and where you budget is fixed. Once our crew begins to work, we keep you updated every step along the way.


Where do the products come from that you need for my project?

All project requirements differ, but we strive to use local resources as much as possible. With years of experience in the industry, we have relationships with many quality manufacturers and businesses that allow us to pass on the savings to you.


Why choose Accurate Building Company LLC?

Accurate Building Company is a full service general contracting provider and we pride ourselves on delivering quality workmanship, guaranteed services and impeccable client care. Our roofers Myrtle Beach team is comprised of only the most skilled, efficient and diligent employees who are friendly and knowledgeable in all matters relating to general contracting. We have worked extremely hard in order to earn this reputation and have successfully become a leading provider within our industry. One thing that allows us to stand apart from other companies is that Accurate Building Company has never forgotten our humble roots or where we have come from and our goals remain the same!


How long does a roof typically take to remove and replace?

Most roofs vary in shape and size and each presents their own unique challenges. As roofers Myrtle Beach we have found that the median size home in the grand strand area will take between 2-3 days for a complete tear-off and replacement. This can and will vary depending on the weather, and the size and shape of the roof system being replaced.


How long till you can get me on your schedule?

Our backlog of work is typically 3 weeks. If a client chooses a roof system that the suppliers carry in stock we typically start the project between 2-3 weeks from the time the contract is signed.


What is the warranty on an Asphalt shingle roof system?

A CertainTeed Integrity roof system has a lifetime warranty. With our Certification from CertainTeed, we give every CertainTeed Integrity roof system a 50-year non-prorated warranty on the roof materials used, a 5 year Labor warranty, and a 15 year 130 MPH wind warranty.


What kind of Plumbing pipe vent boots are you using and how long do they last?

The typical pipe boot used throughout the industry lasts about 5 years. All of our roofs come with The Ultimate Pipe Flashing boots. These Boots provide a lifetime precision watertight seal with its ultra-pure Silicone boot & PVC compression collar


What is Drip Edge used for?

The drip edge is located at the lower half of the roof. It is used to prevent water from wicking up the bottom of the shingle and getting behind the fascia materials.


How often should my roof be serviced?

We recommend having your roof inspected once a year. The weather extremes in the Grand Strand Area put a lot of stress on your roof system and it should be looked at on an annual basis


What is ice and water?

Ice and water shield is a self-adhering waterproofing underlayment that is used in roofing to help prevent damage caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain.


Why is ice and water just used in the valley in the south as opposed to the valley and along the eaves like it’s done up north?

Ice and water used along the Eaves of a roof are typically there to prevent damage to the roof deck caused by Ice Dams on the edges of the roof.  Our Climate in the Myrtle Beach area does not typically allow Ice dams to build upon the edges of the roofs.


How do I know when I need a new roof?

  1. Your roof is at least 20 years old.
  2. Roof leaks have been repaired multiple times.
  3. Shingles are Cracked.
  4. Shingles are sugaring or the granules are missing or you have bald spots where you can see the fiberglass of the shingles.
  5. Shingle edges are curled or cupped.


How much of a mess can I expect while my roof is being installed?

Part of our process as roofers Myrtle Beach is cleaning as we go… we promise to keep the mess down to a minimum so we do not disturb your daily activities as much as possible.