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There’s a lot to ask when it comes to starting to a new roofing project. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll guide you through every step of the process.

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Our crew is prepared to begin working on your project as soon as we agree to the details and signed a contract. This will ensure that we understand the expectations and agree to the details.

After we discuss your ideas, we will work together to create a detailed contact and production schedule. At Accurate Building Company, we want to know your goals for the project, things that might concern you, and where you budget is fixed. Once our crew begins to work, we keep you updated every step along the way.

All project requirements differ, but we strive to use local resources as much as possible. With years of experience in the industry, we have relationships with many quality manufacturers and businesses that allow us to pass on the savings to you.

Accurate Building Company is a full service general contracting provider and we pride ourselves on delivering quality workmanship, guaranteed services and impeccable client care. Our team is comprised of only the most skilled, efficient and diligent employees who are friendly and knowledgeable in all matters relating to general contracting. We have worked extremely hard in order to earn this reputation and have successfully become a leading provider within our industry. One thing that allows us to stand apart from other companies is that Accurate Building Company has never forgotten our humble roots or where we have come from and our goals remain the same!

Most roofs vary in shape and size and each presents their own unique challenges. We have found that the median size home in the grand strand area will take between 2-3 days for a complete tear-off and replacement. This can and will vary depending on the weather, and the size and shape of the roof system being replaced.

Our backlog of work is typically 3 weeks. If a client chooses a roof system that the suppliers carry in stock we typically start the project between 2-3 weeks from the time the contract is signed.

A CertainTeed Integrity roof system has a lifetime warranty. With our Certification from CertainTeed, we give every CertainTeed Integrity roof system a 50-year non-prorated warranty on the roof materials used, a 5 year Labor warranty, and a 15 year 130 MPH wind warranty.

The typical pipe boot used throughout the industry lasts about 5 years. All of our roofs come with The Ultimate Pipe Flashing boots. These Boots provide a lifetime precision watertight seal with its ultra-pure Silicone boot & PVC compression collar

The drip edge is located at the lower half of the roof. It is used to prevent water from wicking up the bottom of the shingle and getting behind the fascia materials.

We recommend having your roof inspected once a year. The weather extremes in the Grand Strand Area put a lot of stress on your roof system and it should be looked at on an annual basis

Ice and water shield is a self-adhering waterproofing underlayment that is used in roofing to help prevent damage caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain.

Ice and water used along the Eaves of a roof are typically there to prevent damage to the roof deck caused by Ice Dams on the edges of the roof.  Our Climate in the Myrtle Beach area does not typically allow Ice dams to build upon the edges of the roofs.

1 Your roof is at least 20 years old.

2. Roof leaks have been repaired multiple times. 

3. Shingles are Cracked.

4. Shingles are sugaring or the granules are missing or you have bald spots where you can see the fiberglass of the shingles.

5. Shingle edges are curled or cupped.

Part of our process is cleaning as we go…


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