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Roof Repairs

Weather you need a partial repair or a full replacement, we’ll check your entire roof to make sure you get the best possible option for your case.

Can You Tell if You Need Your Roof Repaired or Replaced?

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Determining whether you need a roof repair or replacement depends on a number of factors but can save you money on labor costs and materials.

damaged shingles during roof repair in myrtle beach

Put your roof repairs in trusted hands

Roof repair in myrtle beach

[PH] If the roof on your home or business is crumbling, count on Accurate Building for help. We’ll thoroughly inspect your covering to figure out if a reroof or repair is your best option. Put your roof repairs in trusted hands.

The experienced roofing contractor at Accurate Builders is committed to managing your project from start to finish. We’ll make sure you’re fully informed throughout the process so you know when you can expect to have a properly functioning roof again.

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do you need a replacement?

[PH] So, how do you know if you need repair or replacement services? Most likely, you’ll need a reroof if your existing roof is:

  •     In poor condition
  •     Has too many layers
  •     Has bad decking
  •     Has incompatible shingles
finished roof repair in myrtle beach
back view of roof repair in myrtle beach

Roofing services

We’ve earned ourselves a reliable reputation thanks to our exceptional results and skilled crew. Our team is built on a strong foundation that ably manages your project from start to finish! Our services include a variety of skill sets:

We’ll replace part or all of your roof especially if it’s compromised or missing sections

Roof installations are our specialty. Rest easy knowing your roof is sturdy and secure.

Missing shingles or got a hole? We’ll patch it up and make sure it’s properly sealed

We make sure your roofs are storm protected and will hold up out when you need it to most

Asphalt Shingle Roofing strikes a good balance between cost, benefits, and variety.